Dear Mr. Sanford,
On behalf of the Carlton Woods (Homeowner’s) Association, Inc, we would like to thank you for all your diligence and hard work in helping us to contact the owners in jeopardy of foreclosure. Based on your efforts, the Association was able to collect over $100k in less than 4 months. In addition, twelve people, having been personally contacted by you with the highly important foreclosure notifications, are no longer facing the possibility of losing their homes. Not to mention, we truly appreciate the consideration and discretion used when actually delivering the notifications. The Association chose to go with a private company as opposed to using a public servant of the court, hoping to avoid any undue embarrassment to the homeowner. We did not receive one disparaging remark from any homeowners regarding their document delivery. This is fantastic!

The nature of this business requires the need to utilize your services again, and we look forward to working with Frontline Field Services in the near future. It was a pleasure.

- Community Manager Carlton Woods Association, Inc.

“I honestly don’t know what we would do without Frontline Field Services. Mac Sanford and his crew have helped us maintain a 5.8% total delinquency percentage on a $24 million auto accounts portfolio. They solve the problem before it gets out of control, and they keep the trail warm by visiting customers before they are too far behind and skip out on us.”

- Debra Franz, General Manager Voyager Financial Services

“Frontline has had amazing results for us. They offer a very clear picture as to exactly what we are dealing with. The reports are extremely detailed and accurate, and they know how to interview third parties to get as much info as possible without sacrificing FDCPA Regulations. Fantastic company!”

- Elliot Bosse, Collections Manager 1st Investors Financial

“Mac Sanford and Frontline Field Services go far above and beyond the call of duty to resolve delinquent accounts. Truth be told, a large percentage of our accounts are located in the most low income and economically depressed areas of the state. Frontline goes in without blinking and without compromise, and they get the job done. No situation seems too intimidating for them! For just being charged a one-time fee for the service, you can’t go wrong using them!”

- Randy Hagan, Owner Easy Auto Sales

“We use Frontline exclusively for our Field Collections. They charge half of what a repo company charges to door-knock, are 10 times more detailed, and a lot more professional in appearance and presentation. We have been with Frontline for a long time, and we don’t plan on leaving any time soon!”

- Jesse Garza, Collections Manager Woodlands Financial Services